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Wings of Freedom|Rock band (Levi x reader X Eren)
A gust of wind caresses her frame, december air nipping harshly at her cheek. Snow descended delicately into her hair mingling with the curly strands.She reaches out her hands to the sky wishing she could be part of the night sky. She trembled slightly, tightening her coat around her. She had five more minutes until she meet her sister.
(Name) leaned her head against the brick wall, she stood alone behind an alley way. Reaching into her pocket she sticks a cigarette between her lips. Flicking it alive she pulls in the venomous smoke into her lungs.
How did this even happen to her, she was always told she was an only child. Out of nowhere she was contacted by a woman named Mikasa claiming to be her sister. You didn't believe her at first but when she sent pictures of herself and your  father, you decided to hear her out.
Its not as if this simple meeting was nerve wracking, it was who Mikasa was that put you on edge. You found out that she was a lead singer of japanese rock band th
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Mature content
Her Love| Mikasa x Reader :iconmidnightrose013:MidnightRose013 2 0
Mature content
Mistress| Levi x Reader! :iconmidnightrose013:MidnightRose013 47 6
Old Flames! Levi x Reader [2]
OK, this was something tricky. I wrote this with the reader thinking back and forth about the past and current conversation. I'm putting everything that was in the past in italics. Any current conversation will be left normally. I hope i didn't confuse you guys.
Gently a hand caressed your face as you stretched out on your bed. You looked back at mischievous grey eyes watching you. He slowly traces the curve of your hips with his finger tips. He looked back at you with a small smile playing on his lips.
He made a loop around your breast and came back to the crook of your neck. You shivered as he did this. He leans in a bit, slowly tracing his lips up and down your neck. A moan escapes your lips. Levi chuckles into the crook of your neck.
You smiled down at him running your fingers throughout his onyx waves. It was a routine you two picked up before an expedition. Past close calls made you realize one of you could not return. That night worries were thrown out and was spent wi
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Old Flames! Levi x Reader
 Levi Heichou was at his office sipping tea as he looked at a Petra. Petra was going on and on about their wedding that took place a week ago and the child that was yet to arrive. He tried to smile at the idea of starting a family to have children and to be loved. But within his heart he knew he indeed wanted this, but he also knew it wasn’t with the women who sat across of him. No, it was someone he loved and lost.
 The expedition that took place a year ago which claimed many soldiers life, it was also the day he had lost you. It all seemed like a blurred dream. To him it felt like it happened yesterday. He would have countless of nightmares never letting him forget that he had failed you.
 Sadly life kept marching forward, and he had eventually caved into Petra’s offers. He didn’t love her, they both knew this. Petra didn’t seem fazed by it. She declared that she had enough love for the both of them. The marriage was even pushed on by her father
:iconmidnightrose013:MidnightRose013 57 17
Beauty! Levi x Reader
“Heichou, can I ask you something…. Personal.” You lip twitched as you said this, desperate moments called for desperate actions. You clasped your hands together as you sat in your superior’s office; you were seated right across of him as he did work. His grey orbs stared at you for a second before returning back to his work.
He found it odd that the most stubborn captains in the survey corps was sitting across of him. He respected you without a doubt but you two crashed personalities more often than not. He knew your reason for being here was a good one.
“Spit it out, I don’t have all day. And when did you care about formalities, just call me Levi, we are equals.” He said as he picked up his tea cup by the rim.
“Levi…. Have you ever looked at me as women?” Heichou chocked on his drink sitting straight on his chair. You flushed at the question and tried again.
“Wh-what I mean by that is... Do you think I’m beautifu
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Mature content
Left behind! Levi x Reader (Lemon) :iconmidnightrose013:MidnightRose013 78 17




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